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Theodore Spyropoulos Studio
Assistants: Shajay Bhooshan, Mostafa El-Sayed, Manuel Jiménez García

Liqun Zhao (China)
Foteini Kontoleon (Greece)
Christian Erl (Germany)
Vineet J. Vora (India)


Rheo is aimed at creating a dynamic prototypical space-framing system. It challenges the notions of plastic fabrication in archi- tecture through exploiting their phase changing capabilities as an intrinsic part of the fabrication process itself. This architectural system questions the very nature of conventional space-frames and the organisation of line networks embedded within. In this regard, Rheo forms an essential next step in the lin- eage of structures such as the dynamic space frames by Konrad Waschsmann and the Yokohoma Port Terminal by Reiser and Umemoto. Furthermore, fabrication through extrusion in plastics allows for the creation of a truly continuous and homogenous structure. The process of research initially began with a study of the organ- isational logic of lines that follow optimisation criteria in latticed natural systems such as the glass sponge and radiolaria. This initial conceptual beginning allowed for a broader framework of research to be carried out in three constituent parts.