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Balls 2 the wall

Philippe Morel Studio
Assistant: Jose Sanchez

Kele Zhu (China)
Alberto Herrera Salas (Colombia)
Nishanth Peethala (India)
Chien-Shuo Pai (Taiwan)


The studio refers to the embedding of certain information that may be needed in a future stage of architectural design, as well as the connection between theory and design practice. By associating Elementarism with current computational processes that are available, it requires a reviewing of the processes within existing fabrication and construction systems. Considering these issues, an abstract geometric model that displayed properties of reconfiguration was selected and studied in order to arrive at components bearing lightness and curvature as characteristics. The research involved rationalising these concept and producing an architectural design that had issues of prefabrication and industrialised production within the deployment scenario. The result is a scalable system of standardised components with embedded soft joints that allow aggregations to be flexible and attain a designated global curvature. This system also negotiates the changing requirements of the user. Finally, the project becomes an exercise in trying to think in geometrical terms to produce to an architecture that takes into consideration change both in space and time.