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Code [9]

Patrik Schumacher Studio
Assistant: Mirco Becker

Nassim Eshaghi (Iran)
George Kontalonis (Greece)
Jared Ramsdell (USA)
Rana Zureikat (Jordan)

Vertical Ground

Code [9] is situated within the studio agenda for a semiological campus that views architecture as a frame to order and adapt society, while pursuing architectural distinctions and differentiation that have cognitive intelligibility embedded within the proposal. Code [9] challenges the traditional campus typology that exists today, by looking into education, society, environment and networks. The project deals with a proto-campus that is not site specific, yet it is context-specific. Dealing with urban sites that have embedded culture and activities, relationships on the micro and macro level, social behaviour and architectural typology, the project proposes a deployable system that can reconfigure into any environment and function as a flexible and interconnected campus. The synthesis is a new definition of a campus, one that is set within today’s environment and society.