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Alisa Andrasek Studio

Michael Dosier (USA)
Tyson Hosmer (USA)
Ryan Szanyi (USA)
Faysal Tabbarah (Syria)

Lighter than Architecture

Our research interest lies in the employing of non-linear systems to actively delineate the interface between hardSpace and softSpace. HardSpace is the implementation of an architectural materiality, providing infrastructure for the softSpace, which is the realm of human interface. The nature of this interstitial condition was explored through the study of the interactions exhibited by multi-agent systems, their resulting organisational patterns and the implementation of agency through material actuation. In projecting a mixture of human behaviour within an agent-based system of interactions, computerBlue’s prototypical system aims to provide an architectural rethinking of the temporary and distributed event network. The contemporary megaEvent scenario not only necessitates the employment of an adaptable system that negotiates between typological needs, temporary material deposition and the temporal, but also radically differs from how crowds typically occupy event spaces. Due to its systemic and prototypical nature, our agent-based system provides for design adaptability within large data sets, mapping infrastructure and interface for an event-based architecture.