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Patrik Schumacher Studio 
Assistant: Mirco Becker

Kwanphil Cho (South Korea)
Sai Ganesh (India)
Leonid Krykhti (Russia)
Sharan Sundar (India)


The on-going trend of sharing knowledge and information within and across different disciplines heightens the complexity of the university network, increasing the demand for creating a framework that satisfies societal functions of architecture. We have aimed to create architectural frames as communicators that define, premise and prime the communicative interactions happening within a framed territory. The qualities of fields and complex networks co-exist in a coherent relationship. This deep relationship enables articulated differentiation that can be architecturally interpreted and implemented in both tangible and intangible ways. A semiological parametric system has been developed from the global scale (master plan) to the local scale (internal space) using parametric tools such as path optimization and vector fields. Diversity of forms, applied patterns and articulation in shell geometry is the parametric signifier of the signified that gained its meaning as space from multiple layering and inscription of information. Through the ordering and categorizing of these fragmented semiotic sub-systems the complete semiotic system emerges, proposing an information rich and articulated social campus design.