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Patrik Schumacher Studio
Assistant: Pierandrea Angius

Vibha Kukreja (India)
Junshen Pan (China)
Camille Sherrod (USA)
Liyuan Zhang (China)

Dynamic linearity

Our research focuses on social dynamics as a generative design tool in the studio titled Parametric Semiology with the aim of designing an architectural setting as a platform for a social scenario. We begin with the belief that human behaviour in an architectural setting is a ‘dialogue’ between innovative ordering and the framing of communicative spaces. By exploring a new method of social organisation, we deploy a semiological parametric system where social dynamics of spaces can be programmable within a set of architectural proto-scenarios. Parametric differentiation is extended in spaces that are capable of hosting different social events based on the ability of spatial elements to offer different readings. The flexibility of these readings is offered by a parametric system where each transformed frame signifies intended actions. The programme of the design is a villa within which to host a social event; where every ritual in the event determines the requirements of transformation and the social organisation of agent rituals. This event allows a spatial organisation that recognises that social communication depends on the physical arrangement of physical bodies in space.