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Theodore Spyropoulos Studio
Assistants: Shajay Bhooshan, Mostafa El Sayed

Adrian Aguirre (Mexico)
Justin Kelly (Ireland)
Hyoun Heen Na (Korea)
Carlos Sarmiento (United States)


Situated within the ocean, our project works alongside an existing migratory network of marine scientists, whose field studies span across wide areas of the Pacific. Through the design and deployment of a robotic fabrication process which is a reactive system based on swarm organizations, our project extends scientific activities directly into an environment by creating geological implants optimized for an informed occupation of the ocean. The intention of our structures is to augment the typical scenario of a laboratory by providing an architecture capable of assisting scientists with their studies of the ocean. The artificial ecology of the project uses material deployment strategies where coral and other natural forms of life will be encouraged to grow, triggering a resurgence of marine life in places that may require it. By introducing technological interference into nature’s evolutionary process, our project plays a role in coral propagation and regeneration.