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Marta Malé-Alemany Studio
Assistant: Jeroen van Ameijde

Amrita Deshpande (India)
Akhil Laddha (India)
Saahil Parikh (India)


Fibr(h)ous(e) seeks to explore possible solutions for temporary housing through a digitally-controlled design and fabrication system which can construct a set of lightweight and self-sufficient prototypical living units on-site. A parametric design system is developed to negotiate between machinic inputs for fabrication, material and programmatic requirements. The project adapts an existing CNC process of filament winding into a multi-axial foldable machine that can be transported to the site. The machine spins a composite material onto a scaffold to create a living unit, using locally available natural fibre and bio-resin. The scaffold is produced in standard sizes and customised on site. The components are either shipped or fabricated locally, creating a decentralised system of deployment. The machine is controlled digitally to spin structurally performative units using minimal material. The material is differentially distributed in relation to performance criteria such as local structural behaviour, light qualities and ventilation. The design of the unit responds to the programmatic requirements and climatic conditions and is developed in phases of scaffold construction and wrapping. The living units are spun and ready to inhabit in one day.