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Flow 5

Theodore Spyropoulos Studio
Assistants: Mostafa El-Sayed, Manuel Jiménez García

Ronak Parikh (India)
Devika Chowgule (India)
Maria Diaz Usme (Colombia)
Izabella Lima (Brazil)

Project Name

Flow5 aims towards creating inflatable markets and public spaces as a prototypical amphibious system. Adapting to dynamic conditions of the context and the river creating opportunities for multiple functional occupancy. Using logics of distributed networks across the urban domain the projects works by integrating the urban context and an autonomous system to work in collaboration with each other. Inflation being the tectonic strategy to generate transformable spaces that facilitate to the growing needs of public spaces in todays urban realm. Static and dynamic elements collaborate to provide for various behavior and material aspects of the system. Flow5 generates new possibilities of achieving dynamic transformable public spaces that accommodate our growing cities.