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Flying Animals

Marta Male-Alemany Studio
Assistant: Jeroen van Ameljde

Ena LIoret Kristensen (Denmark)
Maria Eugenia Villafañe (Argentina),
Jaime de Miguel Rodriguez (Spain)
Catalina Pollak Williamson (Chile)


Traditional casting systems rely on the rigidity of a static cast to shape the material and the project questions this paradigm. It considers casting as a dynamic process of formation as a means of imagining a construction method that could produce instant structures by using fast setting processes. Based on the study of material behaviour within the logic of digital fabrication, our project explores a technology to set phase-changing materials by using water as their catalyst. Fluid aims to constitute the development of a digitally-controlled, efficient construction system that allows instant structures to be formed in water and uses the sea as the site of deployment, opening a wide range of possible applications.