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Yusuke Obuchi Studio

Denis Lacej (Albania/Italy)
Denis Vlighe (Belgium)
Soomeen Hahm (Korea)
Xin Wang (China)


The focus of W(e)ave is to develop a highly differentiated, interwoven, light structure that can be applied as a roof for a fish market in Tokyo. The approach is to design through making, using material computation as the main tool for experimentation. The decision to use weaving was made because of the intrinsic property of a weaved system to gain stiffness by arranging the components in a reciprocally supported network system. An interdependence of components embeds another utilized property: the flexibility to generate different global configurations by applying simple changes on the local level. These properties are being used in multiple ways. Firstly, it is used for the overall organization as the wrinkle patterns of a locally stressed fabric generates the circulation system. Secondly, in a synchronized way the reciprocal structure is manipulated, making possible an increase in structural performance that provides for different qualities where there are varying conditions and spaces.