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Theodore Spyropoulos Studio
Assistant: Mostafa El-Sayed and Manuel Jiménez García

Radwa Mostafa El Fayoumy Ahmed (Egypt)
Ashkan Ashki (Iran)
Ralph Antoine Gebara (Lebanon)
Jose Roldan Caballero (Spain)

Third Layer

The project investigates the growing need for public space in London as well as the under-utilisation of the Thames River. Flow5 reacts to these issues and proposes that the dynamism of the river can be used as a host that can provide flexible public spaces. Our project is a prototypical, soft infrastructural system that adapts to the dynamic conditions of the city and the river, generating adaptable, transformable spaces for a floating, inflatable market. Through an understanding of existing urban infrastructural systems, we defined the specific conditions required by a dynamic infrastructure that is flexible and time-based. In addition, through the creation of global rules and the collection of data from the environment, neighbourhood and programme-specific adaptation of the system is achieved. This information forms a network of communication based on a series of robotic experiments that specify issues of interaction and decision making within the system. Through experimentation and research with inflatables we developed an architectonic that creates a series of typologies for our market and public spaces. The proposal is set up as a collection of individual units that behave autonomously and aggregate in order to form market spaces. Through space-making, InterPhase can provide a variety of adaptations within these aggregations, engaging the city at various levels, and reacting to global flux programmatically, socially and economically within the site scenario, as well as local change on the level of user inputs.