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Patrik Schumacher Studio
Assistants: Christos Passas, Mirco Becker

Giulia Conti (Italy)
Danhy Huang Shigang (China)
Peter Lin Zhihong (China)
Lorenzo Vianello (Italy)


Fluid, dynamic and highly flexible, D-Lam_Tower is a prototypical proposal for high-rise architecture. It explores a family of self-organised systems in which inner intelligence, and lightweight and adaptable characteristics are pursued through a lamellar organisation that is based on the laws of growth under stress and emergent behaviours that respond to environmental stimuli. Inspired by the fascinating process of delamination in nature, D-Lam_Tower is an urban organism with a genetic code that informs its growth through a continuous flow of force, matter and information, providing an anisotropic body of lamellae, which challenges the standardised differentiation between material, structure and performance. This leads to a number of speculations on how to reconfigure the idea of skeleton and subsystems. The lamellar paradigm represents a novel approach towards achieving complex spatial and programme organisations with a simple set of rules. The agent-based genetic code and its continuous feedback provide the tool for generating highly differentiated architectural and urban scenarios.