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Alisa Andrasek Studio

Shany Barath (Israel)
Gary Freedman (Israel)
Immanuel Koh (Singapore)
Osbert So (Philippines)

Aqua-luminous Gardens

Aqua-luminous Gardens is a proposal for a prototypical aquatic park along the flooding planes of Canvey Island, UK. When existing coastal defence mechanisms are nearing the point of failure, and architecture at large is frantically being redesigned to fit a newly discovered ecological consciousness, we require a new reading of conventional coastal defence – one that can actively engage with nature’s dynamics and complexity. In the project, an evolutionary design strategy has been devised to incorporate natural cycles through time-based adaptability not only in the traditional aspect of design phasing, but also through adequate design tools (i.e. interactive and generative processes) and through a compatible material manifestation. Water, sand and light act as matter itself, which are constantly active and posses inherent logics, tempos and textures. Within the limits of contemporary engineering, we strive to incorporate the sensibility and virtues of natural ecologies, from which novel architectural effects emerge and recreational tissues relentlessly breed.