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Robert Stuart-Smith Studio
Assistant: Tyson Hosmer

Marya Filatova (Ukraine)
Sofoklis-Goulielmos Koutsourelis (Greece)
Sakhsi Mathur (India)
Alexandros- Paris Tsernos (Greece)

Project Name
Collective Living

We perceive buildings as an interface for communication, where people to people, people to building and building to building conversations will be constantly reforming the architecture. As human interactions are in constant flux, our built environment should be able to adapt, promote and participate in this constant exchange of information. In the context of the internet of things we were able to divide the physical and virtual aspects of architecture into parts that can self organise out of very local rules directly related to principles of  emerging patterns of social media. Our ambition is to materialise these conversations as collective architectural affects where each individual has an intended or unintended impact on the overall global behaviour of architecture through his actions. Due to the collective and flexible nature of the student lifestyle, our platform for investigation is a student housing.