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Marta Male-Alemany Studio
Assistants: Daniel Piker, Jeroen Van Ameijde

Maria Eugenia Diaz (Spain)
Kai Sun Luk (Hong Kong)
Alan McLean (Australia)
Daniel Silverman Serra (Spain/USA)


The latent potential of digital fabrication has not yet been tapped – particularly on the construction site. We are interested in reforming the architectural design process to achieve an adaptive and place-specific architecture. Understanding that additive systems are materially efficient and sustainable, our research is focused on developing a prototypical construction and design process that is able to utilize multiple on site materials. This opens up the possibility of exploring material interactions, where certain materials can be used as a cast for others to give a rich array of formations. We developed an in-situ machinic scenario that is capable of depositing or removing material and of evaluating environmental and spatial factors to create a continuous feedback process of design and construction, optimizing material usage, structural performance and spatial organization.