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Theodore Spyropoulos Studio
Assistants: Shajay Bhooshan, Mostafa El-Sayed

Dan Wang (China)
Luis Costa (Portugal)
Michael Rogers (USA )
Sean Gaspar Rasmussen (USA )


In response to the unprecedented population displacement caused by natural disasters around the world, our design proposal creates an affordable, lightweight and rapidly deployable prototypical system providing housing and public facilities. We tested the system at a variety of scales both inside and outside, focusing on the occupation of stadiums as a prototypical host. Building on the work of Charles and Ray Eames and plywood aircraft construction, our research explores material performance and economy through the development of lightweight deployable components. Pattern lies at the heart of the design process, dictating the way we cut, actuate and connect a variety of flat sheet materials into three-dimensional forms. Operating between frame and monocoque, our catalogue of components defines flexibility in terms of material rigidity and connection possibility. Digital algorithms are used to simulate the organizational outcomes of recursively aggregating components with minimal design and site parameters.