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Marta Male-Alemany Studio
Assistant: Jeroen van Ameijde

Song Jiawei (China)
Ling Han (China)
Mei-Ling Lin (Taiwan)
Shankara S Kothapuram (India)

Digital Vernacular

The project focuses on a design system using an innovative fabrication method for the housing construction that is based on an on-site, layered manufacturing process using a paste-like material. Developed from the customisation of existing CNC technologies and incorporating CAD tools and scripting platforms, the research work was aimed at finding an equilibrium between materiality, design intent and fabrication processes. Our research methods have included investigation into material behaviours, the design and testing of customised machinic deployment scenarios, formation of structures out of paste-like materials and the development of specific parametric tools to generate designs. This parallel evolution of design and fabrication technologies has resulted in a design strategy that delivers vernacular housing environments, which are dictated by specific localised conditions related to programme and site.