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Theodore Spyropoulos Studio
Assistants: Shajay Bhooshan, Mostafa El-Sayed, Manuel Jiménez García

Sebastian Andia (Argentina)
Rodrigo Chain (Colombia)
Apostolos Despotidis (Greece)
Thomas T. Jensen (Denmark)

Space Oddity

After a period of general silence related to space research and with increasing interest in space tourism we see an opportunity for a new interpretation of materiality and spatiality within this environment. Therefore, outer space has been our medium to rethink architectural organisation and materiality. In this volatile and hostile environment, movement and adaptability is of importance to architectures that inhabit it. The idea of a constantly reconfigurable formation has become a question of reorganising matter through time. This makes the traditional three-dimensional and static space of architecture obsolete. Aiming to dismiss the idea of the ‘space can’ as the common model for space architecture, our main objective is to rethink technology and the concept of the prototype. Therefore our architectural proposal deals with the physics and parameters of space while also performing on Earth. Realising the difficulties inherent in this proposition, Space Oddity focuses on two areas – organisational behaviour and material behaviour. Organisational behaviour investigates the notion of a bottom-up system arguing for the assemblage and reconfiguration between one and more parts, pushing for a self-organisational prototype. Material behaviour explores the possibilities of rearranging matter through implicit forces. As such, the focus of the project is on the idea of behaviour embedded in matter that allows for a constant reconfiguration of a global formation.