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Theodore Spyropoulos Studio
Assistant: Shajay Bhooshan

Elizabeth Leidy (USA)
Alicia Nahmad (Mexico)
Ricardo Sosa (Mexico)
Paul Wintour (Australia)


Our design research speculates on new forms of high-density prototypical housing that can be applied to Tokyo’s housing crisis by in-filling the existing urban fabric. Symbiotica develops an architectural machine that explores new organizational principles that are grounded in non-linear growth principles, using the Portuguese man-of-war as a model for collective living. This species performs as a living ecology – it is an operational super-organism that challenges the idea of the individual through multi-functionality, redundancy and symbiotic behavior. It derives order from its environment and is controlled by a symbiotic relationship with that environment. Fundamental to the mega-structure approach was the clear separation of structure and unit. Through the exploration of housing as ecology, the goal was to speculate on how these two systems can become one to create new forms of high-density prototypical housing in order to allow for time-based, soft, responsive architectual growth.