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Theodore Spyropoulous Studio

Chia-Liang Huang (Taiwan)
Jie Yuan (China)
Le Ha Hoang (Vietnam)
Subharthi Guha (India)

Bud-Incremental Housing System

In terms of collective living, the issue of contemporary dwelling has been reduced into a preconceived, prefabricated and manufactured product. In response to this phenomenon, Slash proposes to develop an incremental housing strategy as a means of individual self expression, neighborhood negotiation and environmental adaptation. By exploring the growth and aggregation logic of the biological model of stony coral, a layered, time-based scheme is utilized and operated on. This is done through continuous information feedback between differentiated site conditions and aggregated deployments of space according to structural stability, spatial negotiation and prototypical fabrication. The system then intervenes with the Metabolist proposal of Tokyo Bay by Kenzo Tange; redefining ideas of collective living through continuous interactions with the existing site, demonstrated in a variety of proto-scenarios. Slash proposes a housing system that can not only be able to operate within a new terrain but also have the capability to influence the existing city fabric and trigger urban transformation in time.