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Soft Infrastructure

Patrik Schumacher Studio
Assistant: Pierandrea Angius

Mayank Ravikumar Chavda (India)
Sajeena Moorkoth (India)
Maryam Kalantari (Iran)
Milica Pihler (Serbia)

Project Name
Porous Medium

The Frank Gehry designed Facebook campus attempts to improve the connectivity issues of an office environment while also claiming that it will be the largest open office plan in the world by the time of completion in 2015. Our proposal, which works on multiple scales from the micro to the urban, will challenge this claim by connecting spaces through a ‘porous medium’ scheme that rethinks the office typology and improves the individual work experience. Investigations of the Facebook work schedule show that employees, despite the fact that most software companies are famous for diversity of programmes and activities, spend most of their time behind desks. Therefore, a comfortable furniture-driven office environment is proposed through algorithmic optimisation, which addresses features such as transparency, communication and interior connection through the porosity of space.