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Robert Stuart-Smith + Tyson Hosmer

Maya Bartur (USA)
Marzieh Birjandian (Iran)
Johanna Huang (Dominican Republic)
Christos Sazos (Cyprus)


soundSpace challenges current acoustic design in architecture through its proposal of a cultural centre in Barcelona. Situated within a contemporary sound architecture that is static, precise and homogenous, the research focuses on designing differentiated sound phenomenology through the adaptation of form, topology and surface articulation. Sound is contextualised as a generative counterpart that invokes programmatic reconfiguration throughout the space. Based on a premise that acknowledges that sound embodies a lifecycle, soundSpace attempts to industrialise the temporal aspect of sound as a critical method of making. Through the development of a formative methodology based on mitigating the acoustical relevance of spaces as they are able to transcend the event and relate to the designed sound ‘scape’, our proposal perceives and is guided by the (im)perceptible inherences of sound. This project focuses on designing an ecology that is based on reverberation levels that provide robust cues for how specified sound programs can be classified by the metabolisms of their sound experiences. The negotiated relationship between the acoustic and the formal can be understood as a distinct social aesthetic – a correlation that allows for a consequential set of events that in turn reprogram and repopulate the space.