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Space Out

Patrik Schumacher Studio
Assistant: Pierandrea Angius

Dimitra Tampaki (Greece)
Dimitra Pavlakou (Greece)
Irem Dokmeci (Turkey)
Angel Tenorio Castillo (Peru)

Project Name

SYNAPSE is focusing on creating the milieu for Google, a high performance and creative organisation that is centred on encouraging the flow of information for improved communication in order to foster innovation. Same as in the neural level this organisation works on a multi-layer scale that covers: an urban scale; a campus scale; and physical interface scale. Using Google’s 70–20 per cent division of time-work (where they can work freely 20 per cent of their time in the tasks their prefer) as a starting point our research investigated the self-organisational nature of the social interactions of the company through a variety of fluid experiments. The studies attempted to materialise and spatialise these fluid models through the stability change of different rigid and stable materials.