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Swim Thames

Shajay Bhooshan Studio

Ron Chua Savio (Philippines)
Yue Pei (China)
Guillermo Oliver (Mexico)
Henry David Louth (USA)

Project Name

The aim of this project is to revitalise a central part of the city, particularly the River Thames, through the introduction of swimming facilities within the river, between bridges and along its edge. London embodies a rich history of river sport along its riverbanks that includes the opening of Tower Beach in 1943, with over half a million people using the beach between 1934 and 1939. However, the beach was closed in 1971 due to pollution and safety concerns and leisure swimming or specifically wild river swimming is no longer a public amenity. Today, concerted efforts are ongoing to stabilise the river ecology, and cleanliness is on the rise. The research aims to embrace the growing contemporary need for swimming infrastructure in London by proposing architectural strategies that reintroduce an oppurtunity for Londoners to swim Thames.