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Yusuke Obuchi Studio

Ning Duo (China)
Roland Jarosz (Poland)
Kanop Manglapruk (Thailand)
Michalis Roidis (Greece)


A combination of latex, sticks and the principles of tension and compression govern our process and led us to design a hybrid structural system and generative geometry which explores aesthetic values and spatial boundaries. The hybrid system blends the discrete domains of structure and infill while the generative geometry has been developed due to the differentiated patterns embedded in the latex material. This prototypical system was deployed in the urban context of Tsukiji fish market as a means of governing the ground conditions that would evolve according to the urban context and fabric. The system becomes a perceptual framework throughout the different urban conditions generated, perpetuating the highly differentiated Tokyo urban scenario and allowing more activities within this density. Later this is translated into a navigational perceptual aesthetic, in which groups of sticks breed a requisite measure of complexity for emergent directionality that has been deployed throughout the urban context.