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Theodore Spyropoulos Studio
Assistant: Shajay Bhooshan, Mostafa El-Sayed, Manuel Jiménez García

Cemil Ceyhan Gonen (Turkey)
Konstantinos Psomas (Cyprus)
Sara Gemma Sabate Gomez (Spain)
Vishu Bhooshan (India)


“… the future of control: partnership, co-control, cyborgian control. What it all means is that the creator must share control and his destiny, with his creations.” -Kevin Kelly

Aeros, like the name suggests, relates to air, more specifically in the domain of flight. Our research explores the aspect of robotics to generate flight choreographed structures using quad-copters as a fabrication as well as a design tool. The thesis proposes a development of a prototypical system-based on tensioning and dynamic relaxation. The system is realised through a time-based deployment of robotic agents. The research also explores the realm of material behaviour by testing deposition strategies and phase changing materials like resin and foam. The emphasis is to question the existing notion of element – node space frame structures by generating an in-situ agent-based system for creating a shelter. A single fabrication process can adapt to generate transitivity from the vertical to horizontal. The system could lead to space creation and deployment strategies in places difficult for present construction systems to reach. We believe autonomous, self-organised fabrication could be a possibility in the near future.