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Think Tank

Robert Stuart-Smith Studio
Assistant: Tyson Hosmer

Armando Bussey (Mexico)
Edward Roger Douglas Lückmann (Curaçao/Netherlands)
Vichayuth Meenaphant (Thailand)
Ana Margarita Wang-Zunig (Costa Rica)

Life Aquatech

The Life Aquatech investigates relationship between the building systems that mediate between interior and exterior and architectural design by shifting from air-based systems to water-based system. Human comfort is one of the main drivers of the investigation, seeking an ideal relationship between the user’s comfort in relation to temperature and how the building can self-regulate in order to provide it. By focusing on the behaviour of fluid as part of both generative design methodologies and evaluation tools for functional criteria, the Life Aquatech proposes the deployment of a building system where water plays an integral role in the building tectonic. Through the collection, storage and distribution of water, the building prototype aims to create a cohesive architectural environment through the interaction of different water-based building systems resulting in a fusion of design aesthetic and building performance. The proposed water management system is conceived as operating in relation to seasonal and daily cyclical needs in relation to water, where the behaviour of the building expresses how it engages with these criteria both in real-time performance and in the design process through the use of lightweight rigid material and soft expandable material.