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Un Proto

Patrik Schumacher Studio
Assistant: Mirco Becker

Carlos Luna (Mexico)
Mu Ren (China)
Boontida Songvisava (Thailand)

B2 System

We recognise that at the base of every academic institution there is a fundamental dichotomy between the humanities and the sciences within the university. A university cannot exist without maintaining these two disciplines. Humanities are the knowledge based on natural existence, the interaction between humans and its environment as in philosophy and psychology. The sciences consist of knowledge based on adaptive natural existence with applied technology for the benefit of the social as in engineering and medicine. Responding to the continuity between these two bodies of knowledge our project focuses on a system that can grow and has a fluidity of components allowing a proto-campus to be organized in a continuous hierarchical system of branching. This branching could continuously grow while freely reaching out to new destinations creating a range of future disciplines, which celebrate the intense learning environment of a university. Using the differences between the various schools and faculties within the university we can form single and multiple spatial organizations and impose an architectural semiology effecting internal spaces and external structural skins. Ultimately, the design tries to achieve the continuity of knowledge within space and form through semiology branching.