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Alisa Andrasek Studio

Mehmet Akif Cinar (Turkey)
Ardes Perdhana (Indonesia)
Pebyloka Pratama (Indonesia)
Muhammed Shameel (India)


The Underground is interested in the relationship that develops when different algorithmic systems are combined. The symbiotic relationship of l-system, subdivision and aperiodic tiling algorithms demonstrate responsiveness, adaptability and growth. These systems have capabilities of being transcoded into other systems, as well as being transformed from one form to another. The systems also demonstrate a wide spectrum of orders of scale. These factors place the symbiotic system alongside natural models. Wetland Is one of the most critical zones as far as an ecology is concerned. To address this, the symbiotic system is deployed on a wetland zone where a large variety of natural agencies come into play. Information retrieved from these external natural agencies is fed into the algorithms, providing an organizational model as well as site specific geometry. The design intervention brings various factors that are at play such as species found at estuaries, sand sedimentation and energy generation together under one roof of a landscape structure. The prototype fuses into the ecosystem, becoming a part of it, facilitating enhancement and increasing biodiversity.