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Patrik Schumacher Studio
Assistant: Pierandrea Angius

Victor Corell
Karim Mohamed Anwar
Daniel Simaan Franca
Maha Moustafa Habib

Project description
The project addresses the possibility of achieving a more holistic approach for the articulation of system design. The research focuses on the development of a novel house prototype. House systems, the vehicle and the interface between them are reinterpreted and juxtaposed as a multi-functional composite arrangement, incorporating the different characteristics of each and their behaviour together. Ultimately, the work wishes to achieve a universal state that is adaptable and interchangeable. The house spaces are then considered as subsidiary spaces that are the consequence of both users and external information. The articulation of the system thus changes from a superficial model to an integrated model where system behaviour and its adaptability initiates an ongoing exchange, interaction and dialogue between the users and the composite.
Our research investigates structural behaviour to generate a light channel-based tectonic monocoque. The research is divided down into three varying scales; macro, micro and the urban interface with the vehicle. The first part focuses on the overall formal generation of preliminary surfaces and geometry from which the composite would conform accordingly. The second part addresses the articulation of both infrastructural elements and structure and how they come together as a performative composite that allow for the generation of an intricate, lightweight monocoque. Finally, the monocoque is incorporated into the vehicle system and its interface with the house design.
Taking London as the testing grounds, the generative process is adapted to three different sites with the aim to explore the projects different potentials.