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Patrik Schumacher Studio
Assistant: Pierandrea Angius

Wan-Shan Wu
Akshit Bharat Rawal

Project description
This project investigates alternative design methodologies towards structure and form, focusing on performative architectural solutions. We developed a design for a house and a vehicle, which are understood in the research as an alternative concept of ecology, as a symbiotic assemblage of vehicle and the house.
We have based our research as a critique to the structural elementarism and legibility of Le Corbusier’s Maison Dom-ino, proposing a structural model in which floors, columns and circulation are neither conceptually nor materially separable and where the fluidity of behaviour replaces the fixed nature of function.
The spatial and structural articulation of the house evolved through a generative process based on structural behaviour, form-finding and optimisation algorithms. Material research explored the possibility of composite shell construction through the use of materials like carbon fibre and reinforced plastics. Prefabrication construction techniques such as thermo- and vacuum-forming enabled us to achieve a high performance light-weight construction. The vehicle is considered as an integral part within the fabric of the house where it interfaces and plugs into the furniture system, allowing for an alternative relationship between the house and the vehicle.