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Adaptive Ecologies: Correlated Systems of Living

Edited by Theodore Spyropoulos, with essays by Patrick Schumacher, Mark Burry, Brett Steele, John Frazer, John Henry Holland, Makoto Sei Watanabe, and David Ruy

Recent architecture has found itself having to cope with new social and cultural complexities that demand networked systems that are time-based, reconfigurable and evolutionary, and a corresponding model of urbanism defined as an adaptive ecology.

It is against this backdrop that the AA’s graduate Design Research Lab (DRL) has pursued its recent studio agenda through project-based research focusing on alternative models of housing. Integral to this research is a notion of architecture that looks towards designing systems that seek higher ordered goals emerging through an intimate correlation of material and computational interaction. This book presents the results of this research and with it constructs a generative view of space and structure and the exploration of behaviourbased models of living through patterns found in nature.



AADRL Documents 2

AADRL Document 2 is an animated record of the first ten years of the AA’s pioneering graduate design program documenting student projects developed by 104 design teams, the work of 25 esteemed graduates, 27 entries to the DRL Ten Pavilion competition, and projects by current DRL staff.